Reflection on the First Writing Class

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Reflection on the First Writing Class Empty Reflection on the First Writing Class

Post by 狄宜婷 on Mon May 30, 2016 9:46 am

Today was our first class so we spent relatively long time introducing ourselves and more importantly sharing with others our personal views of applied linguistics and our future researches, from which I got to know what others are doing and the creative ideas of others on research. I think communication could contribute to bettering academic study.
Then we turned to the heart of our writing class, but I found I had a little trouble in following the new Professor, partly because I was not so prepared for the articles we were required to read, partly because I was not yet accustomed to our new teacher’s teaching method. Therefore, being prepared well and attempting to get used to the new teaching approach are what I should do right now.
Plus: I think it is significant to give an overview of the design of next class before the class is finished, so we could be more accustomed to the next class.


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